“On The Path Of Meritocracy”

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As announced before and in preparation to my book that will be released soon, I have decided to publish this article compiling challenges we always face meanwhile giving to the public both a deep insight and understanding to what the contents of my work will talk about. This world we live in today is trending to become more and more a hostile dwelling place to its most precious occupancy ever; the human life. When deeply analyzing the real threats we face on this planet, the compilation list can just go as long as endless. Yet, amazingly, the human life is at the core root of every single threat we daily face. The current climatic situation, calamities and natural disasters are all in majority man-caused. Adding that to the very human nature, we find ourselves trapped into serious questions of all times that many still ignore and hence cannot be resolved.

When we are born, we are expected to grow and adhere to what our society has always been up to for hundreds of years, a full self-pushed cooperation to the world organization and global system through a mechanism called indoctrination.  We live in a society where indoctrination mechanism has gained the control of our personal nature.

In fact, people are subject to catastrophic outcomes due to this mechanism that conspicuously run in favor of the invisible powerful hand and global institutions serve as enforcers always making sure to inculcate the past and feared doctrines within our society.

Indoctrination is a mechanism by which we are unwillingly defined values, taboo and moral codes in our society and mainstream institutions play a good part at enforcing them. What people should be terrified of, what they should accept, approve, reject or not to question. Indeed, indoctrination or brainwash cannot be processed as long as people are not “united”, bound by the same opinion, view or belief. And what to turn up to other than a global system that will facilitate spreading the same belief as far as it can? Hence the engineered creation of both Capitalism and current Democracy mixed together to reflect the values of the modern society. Tyranny, colonization would simply make no sense after all. In such a system, people are allowed what they want the most; fantasy, escapism which is exactly a refuge from reality, advertising, television and movie industry. Just allowing many a portrayed world and lifestyle that is infinitely seductive and glittering to them.

So the very question of all would certainly be how did our society come to adopt Capitalism rather than communism or meritocracy to basically define the basis and foundation of the pillars of our societies?

Injustice, illusion, division, inequality are all the results of Capitalism tied to Democracy. The fact that lots people, today, are victims of Capitalism is that they were not given a chance to try or to exercise any other system since that could lead to a catastrophic outcome to the one percent that leads the whole world system. In a Capitalist system, people with no financial means are banned from the “race of life” before it has even started. All the best opportunities, jobs and education are simply carved up among the powerful generation. No existing chance for ordinary citizens to bettering themselves. Therefore, it would be for every human’s benefit to promote a system in which everybody has equal opportunities as everyone else. There’s nothing more civilized than promoting a fair ideology within our society rather than clinging on the uncivilized paths that Capitalism always excels at shaping.

Today’s Democracy has been tied with capitalism to extend the powerful hands the Masters always shroud behind the curtains even where they don’t actively act as leaders. Look at most of African countries as an illustrative instance. The Masters should always decide who should be in charge of any regime.

In Meritocracy, no inheritance, privilege, connections, family, old friendship should shape people’s fate or future. Nothing is even rational than promoting merit, hard work and talent. In such a system, although it has never been allowed to be tried, people succeed depending on their motivation; how much effort he’s spent on achieving this or that? how intelligent he is to have innovated this or that? what talent does he have to perform this or that? This is all about judging ourselves on the basis of what we are able to do or to create. Capitalism is a system that defines the American nation, an overwhelming christian county that, unfortunately, excels at promoting inequality between the richest and poorest people. This article in PDF explains all in deep and furthermore gives an insight on what our society would be if we were committed to promote justice, real democracy and above all praise merit.


Author: Fortunate W. Mbasha

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