About Us

"United We Stand"

We are a fraternity movement, a musical band and ministry dedicated to the true worship of the Eternal God. This ministry has been initiated by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and was put into motion by Mr. Fortunate W. MBASHA, bassist, singer and songwriter who records and performs as solo artist, with Uniwesta Band, as well as with other musical artists.  Most of our songs and works have a strong spiritual theme. We are dedicated to blending music and spirituality which, in fact, is a huge part of us, human beings.

"Uniwesta", meaning United We Stand, is a slogan that Fortunate has inherited from his elder brother who was initially eager to unite with people of the same mission and inspiration he had for the kingdom of light and push forward his ministerial artistic endeavors.

Our ministry regroups different members from different backgrounds who are in possession of the amazing gifts of the Holy Spirit. Our greatest aim and mission is to lead the very lost generation into the path of veneration to the Most High and Saint of All Perfects.

As said earlier, we have members from different countries and cultures but united as one in trying to attain divinity which is perfection to humanity. And we are privileged to have found ourselves navigating into a colorful kingdom of possibilities with a shackle of keys hanging by our sides and an ultimate hunger to explore what greatness and purity was hidden behind the art of writing and musical conception of ours which led us to follow the paths of veneration to the eternal God.

We have chosen to utilize our artistic abilities and gifts to take back ourselves and the humanity to perfection, for we believe that art is not a joking matter because it is is an end-product of a spiritual inspiration meant to express the beauty, greatness and the purity of the divine plan.

Since we are always excited about changing our environment for the better, we came up with new styles such as raising awareness of the public in form of writing and publishing articles, books, and expressing our teachings, ideas, and thoughts in form of music which obviously bears a strong spiritual and divine plan. We praise and worship in different styles including "slam", a.k.a 'spoken words'.

In our experiences as praise and worshipers, writers, we have successfully embarked on different projects of series of publications of articles, books and songs. Many thanks to God!!!

Glory and many thanks to our God, the eternal God, the Creator of earth and universe and everything within, to have brought us together with all the current members and those yet to come. In this ministry, we are dedicated to spiritually nurture ourselves and especially pursuing to gain a lot of 'true wealth' which is knowledge, compassion and wisdom as we continue to seek to know God as Jesus recommends us...

Our teachings revolve around the teachings of Jesus Christ, for we acknowledge Jesus, the Messiah, as the "lamb" that was sacrificed for humanity to regain back its divine perfection and to regain back the lost relationship with the Creator. We acknowledge Yeshua, the Messiah, as the Greatest Wise the world has ever known...

Below is Fortunate's "spoken word" song entitled "To The River Of Grief". Enjoy while you are watching and continue to surf onto this site